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July Fashion Favourites

Hey lovelies! 
I thought I would share a couple of my recent summer fashion favourites with you. This season I've been looking out for quality pieces with versatile design, and obviously a lighter colour palette! 

My first favourite I want to mention is from a Depop account Victoria's Secret Closet. She mentioned to me that she purchased it in a small store in South Korea! I have recently been obsessing over Korean fashion - I've noticed lots of mixed textures and bold colours but the clothing items themselves are often very simplistic in fit. I'm in love with this bag, it goes with any outfit, and is suited to the summer season with its gold accent. 

I was on the hunt for a pair of sassy, statement, but simply-designed sunnies... and these ticked all of my requirements! I found them in a store that's closing down in Calgary for only $10! The lenses are slightly reflective, and the gold mixed with the black accent on the sides sucked me right in. Since wearing them, I…

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